Siu-Ling hau

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Siu-Ling Hau gained experience treating patients at King's College Hospital London.

Qualifications: DipDH. Dental Therapist. Diploma in Dental Hygiene and Therapy RCS Eng 2012.

Work days: Tuesday

Until 2012 I was treating patients at King's College Hospital London -Dental Institute gaining experience in managing advanced cases of periodontal disease. Since qualifying in 2012, I have enjoyed treating patients in private practices.

I am enthusiastic about promoting dental health and enjoy educating patients on dental care and oral hygiene. I particularly take pleasure in helping people who have concerns, aiming to turn a visit to the dentist into a positive one.

In order to continue my professional development, I attend regular courses and try to ensure that the most up-to-date procedures and products are available to my patients.

In my spare time I enjoy socialising with friends, reading, shopping and attending bikram yoga and gym classes.