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Before and After Composite
Teeth Restorations Buckhurst Hill

Chair side

Commonly known as white fillings composite is a highly aesthetic material that is used to replace tooth tissue lost from decay or fracture. Composites are ideally suited for use at the front of the mouth and for smaller posterior restorations. They will leak over time and require replacement. They will also wear down over time under the forces of the bite.


Amalgam is the traditional material used to restore posterior teeth. It has excellent strength and wear resistance due to it metallic structure. Unfortunately the major drawback of amalgam is its appearance and as a result its use is in decline.

Glass ionomer

Glass ionomer is also a tooth coloured restorative material. It is often used as a lining underneath composites as it bonds chemically to dentine and releases fluoride encouraging repair of the tooth. It has a poor wear characteristics so it is not generally used for restorations that cover the biting surface of teeth. This material is however improving all the time